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Vima Sunrider has arrived on Rhen Var. She is on a mission to find Ulic and convince him to train her to be a Jedi. She struggles through the ice and reaches his fortress. When she arrives, Ulic sees her, but thinks of her as a hallucination of Nomi. Vima introduces herself to him. Ulic says that he doesn't want to be reminded of Nomi and drags her out into the ice, overriding her requests. He leaves her, telling her to go home. 
After a while, Vima tries to radio-contact Hoggon. But due to the storm outside, she cannot. Ulic comes back and rescues her before she is buried in ice. She finds out a shelter and they both go inside. Ulic tells her to make herself comfortable, because the storm might last for weeks. 
Tott Doneeta takes Sylvar to her world, Cathar. Upon her arrival, the people flock to greet her. Sylvar doesn't find the solitude that she wanted. Later that night, Sylvar visits her friend, Kharr. Kharr listens to her story about her former lover, Crado and Ulic. He tells her to fight her anger with caution, for she might fall prey to it.  
Next morning, Tott sees a carving of Sylvar being made to honour her victories. Sylvar says that she must cleanse herself with a blood hunt. She asks Tott to accompany her, and he agrees. 
Upon Rhen Var, Ulic says that he has nothing useful to teach Vima. Vima says that she wants to become a Jedi vary badly, and Nomi pays least attention to her requests. Ulic tells her about his dark past and asks her how he could ever help her. Vima gives him an incoherent  but comforting answer. 
Hoggon is delighted with his secret information on Ulic and Vima. He plans to go to Exis Station to talk to the Jedi. 
Upon Cathar, Sylvar and Tott go in search of a blood hunt. She talks about the murderous Kiltik, a species which has ravaged the Cathars for centuries. They go into a cave in search of Kiltik, and find a swarm soon enough. They find the Queen and her guards. Sylvar gets into top gear and carries out mass murders with her lightsaber. Tott is taken aback by her anger. He tells her that walking the path of anger will take her away from the paths of the Jedi. He tells her to remember Ulic and work her way out. 
Upon Exix Station, Nomi recieves a scrambled message from Vima. She talks about her present location and Ulic, who will train her to be a Jedi. Nomi is very badly shaken.

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