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Guilt ridden, Ulic qel droma hides from his past on the frozen world of Rhen-Var. He still possesses his lightsaber, but none of his force powers. While excavating on ice locked fortress, he is buried in snow. Almost dead, he recieves a vision of his fallen master Arca. Ulic finds the strength to survive the avalanche. As he drags himself away, he wonders why he should live at all... 
On Exis Station, Nomi Sunrider calls together the Jedi to discuss the future of the Republic. One speaker, the bitter Cathar, Sylvar rails against the vanished criminal Ulic qel droma, who is supposedly roaming the galaxy, unpunished. The lowly Hoggon, fascinated by the Jedi gathering, finds himself a hiding place to watch the proceedings. 
Nomi's daughter Vima feels left out. Her mother is always too busy with meetings to train her as a Jedi. After hearing so much about Ulic and remembering from her childhood, she decides to find him. She stows away aboard Hoggon's ship, willing the Force to take her wherever it wishes. 
Sensing Sylvar's simmering anger, Tott Doneeta invites her to join him in his cliff city on Ryloth. While there, Sylvar becomes entangled in a Twi'lek clan war and almost triggers the slaughter of an entire village. Tott comes to a peaceful solution. Sylvar is ashamed and asks Tott to take her back to her world, Cathar. 
When Hoggon discovers Vima on his ship, he is astounded by the fact that the person he had took to Rhen-Var before, is none other than Ulic himself. Vima convinces him to take her there. As Hoggon flies off, thrilled with his secret knowledge, Vima slogs up the ice, in hopes that Ulic will welcome her to his place.

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