Star Wars Omnibus: Infinites

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The Good

We most likely all know the Star Wars stories by heart. Fans can watch each of the three films in the original trilogy and recite lines as they happen. Knowing the stories, what if one little thing happened differently? This is what INFINITIES is about. Dark Horse released three separate mini-series, one with a focus on each of the three films. One event turned out differently and the rest snowballs into a completely different direction.

Having all three sereis in one omnibus is great. When they first came out, I recall I missed out on one issue for some reason. Today if I needed to find them in my collection, it'd be quite a task.

The nature of these sort of stories sometimes results in extreme cases. Some of the things that happen in each case might seem a little far fetched. But there are many cool things we get to see. It's almost like seeing the stories unfold for the first time. Just when you think you know how it will all end, something catches you by surprise. Even though there may be a moment or two that will make you cringe, the idea is fascinating, especially since it wasn't overused when these originally came out.

The Bad

I mentioned that some moments were too much. You might find yourself rolling your eyes a little. You can also see the slight influence of the original trilogy with some flashback scenes thrown in at one part. There was also one moment where the second trilogy negates something that happens in one of the stories.

The art is a mixed bag at times. It never veers into the bad area but a couple times there was a lack of consistency in the way the characters look and are supposed to look.

The Verdict

If you like Star Wars and have ever wondered how the stories could have changed a little or believe that one event could change everything completely, this is a book you'll want to check out. Collecting the three separate INFINITIES mini-series, each with a change in one of the original films, we're treated to three separate adventures. It's not a perfect execution and there are a couple moments and outcomes that don't feel right. But it's about having fun with the characters and universe.


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