duo_forbidden's Star Wars Legacy: One for One #1 review

A new generation of Star Wars

In case you didn't know, I love Star Wars. I love reading things outside from the movies, which is called the expanded universe. A lot of it comes from video games, novels, and comic books. So when I heard that Star Wars Legacy was going to take place over 100 years after the battle of Yavin, I had a mixed reaction to it. On the positive, this could get fans who know about Star Wars only from the movies alone could expand into the comics. On the negative, There's fans who are reading Legacy of the Force novels that take place around 40-45aby with the majority of the original cast of the movies and after Return of the Jedi still alive.

So how does the first issue in the future fare?

This issue doesn't waste time with explaining what happened to the galaxy over the years. Instead, it jumps straight into action with the Sith and the Empire attacking a Jedi temple. Both John Ostrander and Jan Duursema introduces us to the Skywalkers of the new Era, Kol and his son Cade. The Sith look more menacing and evil like back in the Old Republic era, and they are led by a guy in wicked looking armor called Darth Krayt. Powerful as he may seem, he appears to have some sort of secret about his health. Darth Nihl looks pretty awesome as well with a lightsaber like staff. You should know that the Skywalkers are very strong in the Force, but there is something interesting about Cade Skywalker. He's more like Anakin Skywalker than Luke, and it shows more and more as this issue goes on. He refuse to leave his father behind (despite Kol handling himself pretty well against a number of Sith and Stormtroopers) and refuse to let his master Wolf Sazen die, after he was wounded during the attack. He taps into a unique Force power to revive his master, which might play a role in later issues....if he survives.      

 Fans of the expanded universe will love this. There's references of different events in this issue like the Yuuzhan Vong War and possible questions of who is the decedent of this character (Emperor Roan Fel for example). More of this should be coming in the later issues.

Jan Duursema is one of my favorite artists for Star Wars comics and she shines with the first issue. You can tell that Kol and Cade are decedents of the Skywalker clan physically. The Sith look incredible since they're made up of different alien races and have cool Sith tattoos covering their bodies. Darth Krayt appears to be more of a villain than Darth Vader. The fight scenes look fantastic and look a bit more realistic than in the movies (some blood, more limbs flying off). 

The whole Jedi versus the Sith does seem repetitive since it's been done over and over, and like how most of the stories start out, the Sith have either won, or are winning. The way the first issue goes, it seems like a repeat of Episode III-VI: Sith win, new rule in the galaxy, rebellion and a hero rises.

Another factor that might turn away fans of Star Wars is that it's in the future. Those who only know Star Wars by just the movie alone might feel lost with the first issue since there's no real explanation on what happened of the period of time.

Overall: this is a decent start for the series. I expect Cade to be alive somehow and see some sort of timeskip in the next issue. On a side note, this reprint is only 1 buck.


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