duo_forbidden's Star Wars: Legacy #46 - Monster, Part Four review

Monster concludes

Will Cade be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for someone he cares about, or will he succumb to the Dark side?  

After this issue is finished, even more changes are in store for Legacy. The Imperial Knights and the Jedi are now fighting together to protect Emperor Fel. Not only does Cade has to contemplate sacrifice, but Antres Draco as well. With the ambush with the Sith taken place, Draco's true loyalty is tested. The only difference between Draco's situation and with Cade is that you

 Anything illusions you can do...

really don't want to make him upset nor does he like to be controlled, making Darth Maladi underestimate him. Thanks to the brief talk with Wolf, Cade learns to use something other than the Dark side to help him. The ending didn't really surprise me that much because of previous assumptions that everyone was making in the past issues, but it's still a "Wow" factor.

Jan Duursema provides some great work once again. The fight pages were gorgeous to look at and the collages were incredible to look at. This is Duursema best at work.

The confession to Deliah Blue was forced. I have nothing against Blue, but really, I never saw a connection between Cade and her. After all, Cade's been flirting with almost every woman in this throughout this series.

Overall: While the ending didn't surprise me that much, Monster was still a good arc overall. Major events took place, and it could affect the outcome of this war with the Sith. The upcoming issues should be great.

 Cade can do better.

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