duo_forbidden's Star Wars: Legacy #41 - Rogue's End review

Hondo Karr: The Mandalorian

The past catches up to rouge Squadron Member Hondo Karr.

Well this is unexpected. The Mandalorians never really came to my mind in this series despite seeing references of them throughout (I mean Cade Skwalker is wearing mandalorian armor!). I never took an interest to Hondo Karr. I do like how there was a backstory that explains how he ended up being a stormtrooper in the Joker squad. I also like the character development Anj receives in this issue. She's now leader of Rouge Squadron, a job she doesn't take for granted.  

At this point, do we really care about Hondo Karr and his problems? The initial story that lead up to Hondo becoming the lead character was just boring. I totally forgot what the Rebellion was supposed to do in the first place. Revenge just seems petty and overdone at this point. I know Legacy is known to add new characters unexpectedly, but having Hondo Karr's ex-wife appear was random. I've never seen a random character appear out of nowhere like Tes Vevec.

The artwork is atrocious at times. Character designs look uneven most of the time. This is Hondo Karr's third new design ever since his first appearance. The starfighters look bad as well. This is the worst artwork I've seen so far in this series.

Overall: I don't know what to make of this issue. In a way, I'm hoping to see a follow up to this, but then again, with everything else going on in Legacy already, I'm not.

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