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Darth Wyyrlok is the master of Sith lore and magic in Darth Krayt's Sith order. He has also been Krayt's confidant, spokesman, and friend. Now, seeing the further deterioration of his Master from the ravages of the Yuuzhan Vong bioforms, Wyyrlok attempts a dangerous journey into the Deep Core worlds to the birthplace of Lord Andeddu, an ancient Sith Lord, seeking to discover any secrets that might save Darth Krayt. Penetrating the Deep Core, however, is always hazardous and Wyyrlok must call upon his own core--his strength, skills, and beliefs--to simply survive.

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Darth Wyyrlok 0

Tangents. This seems to be a recurring theme with Legacy.  The guys putting this book together can't seem to NOT go out on tangents and then slingshot themselves back to the main storyline acting as if nothing ever happened. Luckily for them these side stories are just as entertaining as the main story.  I liked this one and I thought that it was put together fairly well, a nice self-contained story right before the Vector (talk about tangents) story invades Legacy....

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The secret tale of Darth Wyyrlok 0

 Just how loyal is Darth Wyyrlok to Darth Krayt?  Darth Wyyrlok is a bad mother-shut your mouth. Pros: Darth Wyyrlok, the faithful servant of Darth Krayt, has his own issue. Like his ancestors before him, he has been watching over Darth Krayt's ailing health trying to discover secrets to extend his life. Compared to characters like Darth Nihl, Darth Maladi, and Darth Talon, Wyyrlok hasn't stand out much, but in this issue, John Ostrander makes sure that his presence is known. Darth Andeddu may...

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