What do you think?

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So what do you guys think of this series?

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Personally i was not a fan of this short story arc at all... It didn't fit in with the Zayne Carrick arc in the slightest and compared to the art in all the rest of the series this one was very childish... The story didn't have an effect on a large scale at all and i was especially annoyed by the pompous faun as a jedi master... Over all dissapointed but i was happy when it got back to Zayne :)

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I actually agree with you on most things except one; that it didnt have a effect in a large scale. This story arc actually paved the road to what happens in late events. It was in this arc that you find out how things ran before the Rule of Two was established by Bane. and this was the arc were you get to find out what exactly was the Rule of Two. So theres actually quite a large inpact on the rest of the expanded universe.

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i obviously still need to continue reading because i have no idea what your talking about... to be honest im quite new to the Star Wars comic series

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