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Darth Sidious sends the merciless Darth Maul to destroy Black Sun.A intergalactic criminal organization.Darth

Mauls journey begins by entering a space station owned by the Black Sun vigo Darnada Darth Maul goes there and later killed Feen Fennoob who was wanted for not payong his depts.Darth Maul went undercover and was taken to Darnada himself by Asa Naga there he said infront of Darnadas face "i'm here to kill you"!Darth Maul battles his bodyguard Sinya he kills her and Darnada.He later let Asa go so he could tell the leader and the other vigos.Darth Maul blows the station up and goes for the rest of Black Sun.Darth Maul later interogates one of the vigos the vigo then tells him that you can find the rest of Balck Sun on the planet Rallitiir.The vigo later ask Maul if he can spare him. Maul says "No" and kills him.Maul then came to the Black Sun base of operations and One by one kills all of the vigos.Alexi Garyn[leader of Black Sun]and his bodyguard Mighella escape but Mighella stays and confronts Maul theysfought and Maul cut her in half.Maul then hunts for Garyn who was about to escape Maul drowend Garyn and escapes.

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