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The Rebel Alliance had received a message from Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian, just before the two of them had been shot down over Coruscant. Now Han, Leia, Chewbacca and C3PO have gone to rescue them from Coruscant. They take the Millennium Falcon, and two Escort Frigates to search for the party.

Coming out of hyperspace, a frigate is destroyed in a collision with space wreckage. The other frigate remains in orbit, while the Falcon descends into Imperial City.

The Falcon descends right into the middle of a battle. On one side, the marooned Rebels led by Lando, and on the other side, Imperial forces. Leia and Han come in, guns blazing. But as it seems that the Imperials are gaining the upper hand, suddenly, Leia feels the proximity of a Force user. She sees Luke coming towards them from behind a wreckage. An Imperial Walker attacks him, but he easily destroys it with the Force. Leia greets Luke. Luke says that he feels an imminent danger, a Dark Presence, is coming for him.

In orbit, Nien Nunb notices that a wormhole opens in space, and a hyperspatial storm starts devouring everything in its path. It slowly descends to the planet's surface. The Rebels notice it too. Luke says that this monstrosity is there for him, and so he must stay to fight it. Leia pleads Luke to let her stay with him, but he firmly refuses. Han takes her and the rest of the Rebels, and the Falcon flees from the oncoming storm.

The storm descends upon Luke. At that instant, Luke makes telepathic contact with the Darkness. The storm takes him and R2D2 into it, and vanishes.

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