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Boba Fett's mission to uncover the truth about the mysterious Connor Freeman continues here. As he attempts to uncover the truth he encounters the League Of Bounty Hunters. But little does the league realize that Boba Fett is an army of one!

Boba easily tracks down and finds Connor. While Boba is dealing with Connor, the "League of Bounty Hunters" runs up on him and demands Boba to hand over his bounty. Believing in their superior numbers (10), Boba reminds them of the Bounty hunter code of killing other bounty hunters. The "League" dismiss this notion , then Bossk makes a cameo appearance. During the brief conversation, Bossk sanctions the kills of the League by Boba. What ensues is a play by play attack and description of his armament.

After the fight, he subdues Connor and takes him away. Connor and Boba eventually comes face to face with each other. Acqusations about Jano being a murder, clones being heartless, and even the origins of Boba versus Connor. For the first time Boba is surprised about the confrontation. It comes out that Boba shot and killed Connor's father. A fiight ensues between the two men. One trying to kill the murdere of his father, and the other trying to collect a bounty while trying to close a chapter in his "Father's" past life. Neither of the men notice the "League" landing their ship and were subsequently attacked ny the remaining members of 2.

Connor was taken away for the "League" for his bounty, and Boba was shot in the chest by their leader. Connor makes a point later telling the "League" that if they didnt shoot Boba in the head, then they just made him mad. The end fram shows Boba getting up after the "league" leaves him for dead with a facial expression of both pain, and madness.

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Boba Fett is NEVER unarmed. 0

Boba Fett proves why he's one of the best. Pros: Now this is what I'm talking about. Boba Fett isn't called the best bounty hunter in the galaxy for nothing. This issue proves why he's the best at what he does. The humor is just right with this issue starting with the introduction of the "The League of Bounty Hunters". Even when outnumbered, Boba doesn't panic and handles the situation incredibly well.  Great action scenes throughout this issue. The conversation between Boba and Freeman was in...

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