super_man_23's Star Wars #1 - In the Shadow of Yavin, Part One of Three review

Star Wars 1

Classic characters, all new adventure!

The Good

This was a great first start to a brand new series! Writer Brian Wood does a great job at this first issue by providing action and classic fan favorite characters. The issue starts the series off with the premise and the state of the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. Wood does a terrific job with this because he doesn't automatically start with an action packed issue, instead he focuses on the state of the two sides and the bond between the main characters. All ready things are interesting with a spy among the Rebel ranks!

One of the great parts in this series is how quick Brain Wood placed this series within the original trilogy's timeline. Without wasting any time, Wood placed this series after the events of episode 4 and before the events of episode 5. The dialogue between Luke and Leia to get readers acquainted to the timeline of this Star Wars series was not forced and got straight to the point. Speaking of dialogue that was great as well.

The script and dialogue of this series does justice to the Star Wars franchise. Many times writers force dialogue into Star Wars' titles and it does not fit nor seem like it would even be in the Star Wars Universe. However, Brian Wood does a great job at the pacing of events and the dialogue that follows it.

Another of the many great things of this series is that Wood focuses on the economic side of the Star Wars Universe. Having to fight a war from both sides, Empire and Rebels, is really great to see. However, most times we forget that someone is supplying them funds, ammunition, and soldiers to wage this war. I never thought that I would hear about all the economic situations presented in this issue. I believe Wood did a great job at incorporating these issues.

Carlos D'Anda does a good job with the artwork. I've always enjoyed D'Anda's artwork ever since his concept art on Batman Arkham Asylum and now in Star Wars. The colors by Gabe Eltaeb works perfect with D'Anda's artwork and makes his work look more inviting for newer Star Wars fans while doing the characters enough justice for the hardcore original trilogy fans. Finally, Alex Ross' cover for this issue is great. Nothing else needs to be said about Ross' work it is just breathtaking.

The Bad

What would have been better for the start of this issue, and series, is if it was dedicated towards the hardcore fans of the original trilogy. Brian Wood has enough material to please the original trilogy fans, but the constant references of who main characters are in this series only serves the purpose of accustoming new readers/fans. If Brian Wood focused more on the fans of the original trilogy, comic sales for this series would be through the roof. Finally, the characters don't look like their respective actors. I did enjoy D'Anda's artwork, however I'm not sure if it was intentional to make the characters not look like Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, etc. I would've liked to see a resemblance to the actors.

The Verdict

Fans, both old and new, will enjoy this series. It is very inviting for new readers and has enough original trilogy mentions, and characters, that will keep them interested. The artwork, both interior and cover, are highlights of this issue and Brian Wood does a great job at the script for this issue. Overall 4 out of 5.

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