dark_noldor's Star Wars #1 - In the Shadow of Yavin, Part One of Three review

Looking for a new home

Star Wars may be the franchise that most interested me in my life. Since I was a young boy, nine or ten years old, I remember watching "A New Hope", "Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" and still, when I rewatch these epic movies, the same feellings of rejoice and happiness come along. Strangely, in the opposite way, I was never much into Star Wars comics, read a few issues here and there, but my enthusiasm as a movie fan of the franchise never followed the comic books series (and I know therer are tons of comic books about it). So, when I first learned that Brian Wood was writing a Star Wars new comic books, I thought to myself "What the heck, I'm going to give it a try" and I'm so happy that I did, because this new series is set immediatly after the events of "A New Hope",placing Leia,Luke,Wedge, Han, Chewie and several other characters into untold adventures before "Empire Strikes Back". That is a magnificent way to feed my desire for new stories of Star Wars and, yet, "respect" chronology and continuity, showing stories about the character I grew up to like so much. I really enjoyed reading this first issue, mostly because Wood worked pretty well in the aspects of Luke Skywalker's regrets and guilty feelings about Obi Wan and the planet of Alderaan, weighting their "victory" in the Battle of Yavin, and the aspects of Darth Vader, remembering for the first time after a long period what the name Skywalker means to him (also, I believe I've never seen he get such a hard reprimend from Palpatine like in this issue, it was ashaming in a way and hilarious in other). The interaction between Leia and Luke was very nice, the transition from them to Han and Chewbacca was also very well done, I just didn't like some little things in the initial scenes, when Leia, Luke and Wedge are flying in their wings, looking for a new home for the Rebellion, because it felt loose and not explained very well how things happened the way they did with Leia's wing. Carlos Danda isn't one of my best artists but he did a solid job here, not much action involved, so he had time to develop mostly dialogues and scenarios, I really want to see him dealing with dynamics and action scenes, let's see how he fares then.This was a very promising start, if this keeps up this will definitely be a great series!


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