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Not Too Bad For A New Tale

Well, this is interesting.

Let me give you some Star Wars credentials. I used to play the Collectible Card Game before I even saw the movies. I have seen the original trilogy. I've seen the prequels. Like most older fans I know, I prefer the originals. I can come up with a few quotes and am fairly good at Star Wars trivia. I haven't read any of the books or comics for Star Wars, although that is an excellent way to continue the story.

So what drove me to pick up this book? Brian Wood.

Wood has been coming back on my radar and pull list lately. While I'm not a fan of The Massive, I think that Mara and Northlanders have been great. Add in the fact that I can never find his Conan book on my local shop's shelves to try it out, I think he has been doing great. So, I gave this a shot.

Now it is interesting to note that Wood is listed as doing the script for the story, so I'm not sure of his total involvement with the overall plot. Is the plot something the artist did or are they taking a page out of some novel? I don't know. but what I do know is that each character sounds just like they came direct from the movie screen and into this book.

The ok. There seems to be a lot of medium to close up shots that really get into the faces of characters, but nothing that pulls back to let the art shine form a distance. Case in point: the opening attack by the star destroyer would have been a moment to pull back and show the massive size of the ship, but instead a medium shot is used with the TIE fighters looking not too much smaller than the star destroyer. Leia also looks like she is posing half the time for the camera and not standing in a position that seems normal for a human to stand in.

The one cool thing I noticed about the art with regards to Vader is the reflection of light in his eyes. You can't draw the mask changing shapes to match his mood, that just wouldn't do even in a comic book world. D'anda instead goes for allowing the reflective light off Vader's helmet in the eye area instead reflect his mood. I don't know if that is something other Star Wars comics do, but I think it works great here.

The one sad thing about this book is that I know none of the characters are in jeopardy. That does take a stomach punch to the story for me, but there is something interesting and entertaining about the book that makes me want to stick around for another issue.


Words: 8/10

Pictures: 6/10

General Feeling After Reading: Interesting...

Buy Next Issue: If I can find it, I will give it a look.


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