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Best.Star Trek.EVER!!!

Okay, The Star Trek Universe was slowly dying and after the Suck bomb T.V. show Enterprise it was time to lay the Franchise to rest.....Then enter J.J. Abrams Grabbing  it and made it worth a damn again!! The movie has just about the right mix of old school with Old Spock Being one of the central parts of the story and the new with a new Captain Kirk( played Chris Pine) without the Shatner-ness acting but with the Swagger in tact. Fans of the old series take heed since this is an alternate Time line so certain things might ruffle some feathers But it's is a Great movie Check it out!!  

Posted by Nuckn

This movie has supplied much needed revamping of the enterprise, pun intended. Filled with more character depth and action than the original or any of the following series' spin offs the director's intentions of making it an action based film has paid off in spades.

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