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Finally Star Trek geeks can climb of the Wrath Of Khan parade float and embrace a new movie as the best. This new chapter one even beats that classic film. I loved this movie. Surprisingly enough so did my daughters. When I told them this was on the list, they were not exactly excited. Yet out of the six movies we saw that day. They chose this as the best. Me too.
This is Kirk and Spocks movie. the side characters have their moments, and Karl Urban does the best at attaching his character to the classic performances of the original cast, but ultimately the others are side characters to Spock and Kirk.
This leads to my one, and there are only two real complaints about this movie. Number one : Star Trek has been mostly about three friends. Not two. Bones Mccoy ( I love the fact that we find out where the nick name comes from ) would bring up the passion side of an issue, and Spock the Logical side leaving the good Captain Kirk with enough info to make his decisions. It worked great.
This also deprived us of a Spock Mccoy argument. Although the " I like that guy" line made me laugh.
The only other complaint was that Bana while he is a good actor and had a good performance, he just was really an under written character. That is it. Those are my only two complaints. Everything else was top notch. Pegg turned out to be perfect for Scotty as well as the other casting choices. Anton Yelchin, who made me cringe as a far too young looking Kyle Reese in Terminator gave an over the top performance as Chekov. I liked seeing John Cho kick ass as Sulu. Nichelle Nichols never looked as good as Zoe Saldana playing Uhura, and of course our two leads. One of whicjh I was not worried about Quintos. The other I was. Yet my worries were for nothing. The special effects are freaking great, and it was a pleasure seeing the old Enterprise call sign again.

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