bloodwolfassassin's Star Trek: The Next Generation - Doctor Who: Assimilation² #3 - Assimilation Squared Part 3 review

Jelly Babies are Logical

When we last left our heroes they were surrounded by Borg Cubes and Cyber Ships on all sides. The Doctor and Captain Picard seem to both agree that the best course of action is getting the hell out of there, but not before answering a hail from the main cube. We then see their Cyber Controller outfitted with Borg implants, making it some kind of Cyber-Borg. A Cyborg if you will. Anyway, the bad guys open fire and the Enterprise high tails it out of there. Minor note, I don't recall a time when the enterprise ever had an Andorian Helmsman. It's not a bad thing, just out of place. I'm sure they put that in there so fans wouldn't have to deal with Wesley Crusher, but speaking as one of the select few who actually sort of likes Wesley Crusher it feels a bit jarring.

The Doctor and the crew exchange information on their respective enemies and now the Captain starts to think something is up with The Doc, which makes more sense than the last issue. Sure the Captain's a friendly guy and is welcoming to all non-hostile alien species, but if some guy shows up on his ship from seemingly out of nowhere and has knowledge of a threat they've never faced before, he's probably going to be a bit suspicious. Regardless, the Doctor assures the Captain that he's here to help and we have Data look up any information that can be found on the Cybermen. Much to everyone's surprise, we find a log entry on an encounter with the Cybermen from none other that Kirk's enterprise. This segway's into, what I can only describe as a violent flashback, as the doctor acts like the flashback causes him pain.

Cut to the past where we see Kirk, Scotty, Spock and McCoy to investigate an archeology team that has failed to make it's last three reports. Kirk must not think this will be a particularly dangerous mission seeing as how he hasn't brought along any nameless red shirts for protection. The operation seems to be going smoothly but the workers seem to have very little personality or life in them. *GASP* Could this be the evil menace of... LAZY 1960's WRITING!?!?! It's possible, but Kirk thinks there's something far more sinister at work and as they try to sneak in the back of the facility, they are joined by The Doctor, this time in his fourth incarnation as portrayed by Tom Baker. He helps Kirk break in and offers the crew some Jelly Babies. We enter the facility to find the workers completely catatonic with funky looking earplugs. And of course this can only mean one thing, The Cybermen are here. This time it's the old school Cybermen from the 70's and 80's. And of course, because this is Kirk's era, it's time to fight. However, the Enterprise crew is simply outmatched by the Cybermen. The Doctor start atomizing the gold in Kirk's Tricorder while Kirk distracts the Cybermen with a FLYING JUDO KICK TO THE FACE!!! Never mess with a master of Kirk-Fu. Anyway, the Doctor uses the gold to defeat the Cybermen (As was how they were defeated in those days) and slips away to the TARDIS.

Back in the main story, The Doctor remembers the whole affair, but knows that it did not happen, curious. To sort this out, we end the issue with The Doctor being taken to see Guinan.

What Works:

The Art continues to be the best part. I'm almost convinced that they got the actual actors to pose for these pictures their so good. Also, the flashback is awesome and gives us two crossovers for the price of one, Nice. Glad that this miniseries is finally hitting its stride.

What Doesn't:

I would have liked the artwork to carry over to the flashback but I understand why this is not the case.



I'm finally starting to see the crossover that I wanted this to be. I hope it keeps it up


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