odysseyuwrf's Star Trek: The Next Generation - Doctor Who: Assimilation² #3 - Assimilation Squared Part 3 review

The Best of Both Worlds

3 issues in to this series, and I am finally ready to dub it a winner. Tipton and Tipton have shown themselves capable of nailing the personalities and speech patterns of every character we have come to know and love. They prove it in this issue, by also doing a major flashback scene with Kirk's crew and the 4th Doctor.

The action is building slowly, however, it feels very much like watching an episode of either series. No doubt there will be a few more episodes of figuring out how these two universes have overlapped, mixed in with some fighting of the Borg/Cybermen alliance. Then a few plot twists, and a zero hour solution.

The only thing I am yet to be sure of, is the interaction between characters. Picard seems way to relaxed about the Docotor showing up on his ship, right when the Borg make a huge return (this is set not long after the Battle of Wolf 359). Of course, at the time of this series, Picard had yet to go "Ahab" as Lilly would have put it.

Overall it feels like you're watching an episode of both shows, only with an outrageous guest star. I love the series thus far, and cannot wait to pick it up again next month.


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