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Star Trek: Spock Reflections Issue 1:

In this exciting first issue of Star Trek: Spock reflections, we see our protagonist, spock at various ages of his life. From the young child trying to deal with being different from the other Vulcan children, to the older and wiser version heading to earth on some yet, unknown mission. This book ties into the new movie titled Star Trek, and the older film titled Star Trek: Generations. We find that captain Harriman, (New captain of the ship Enterprise, seen in the beginning of Star Trek: Generations) blames himself for James T. Kirk's death. He even went against regulations to have a remembrance plaque placed inside the ship, for all to see. As Issue 1 comes to an end we find Spock is heading to Earth for reasons so far unknown. This issue lacks action but makes up for it in great story telling. The writers, Scott and David Tipton do a great job in bringing the character of Spock to comic books. The only complaint I have is that it should have been a little bit longer. This issue made up of 22 pages for $3.99. It seems kind of steep but if your a Star Trek fan, I wouldn't miss this. 

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