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Part three of the DS9/TNG crossover. 

On the surface of Bajor

Stardate 47270.9
Inside the stable wormhole near Bajor the joined away team of the U.S.S. Enterprise D and Deep Space Nine that were investigating the mysterious disappearances of high ranking Starfleet officers are captured and attempt a successful prison break.  They break off into two groups and fight battles all over the ship to eventually find their missing officers.  As soon as they are found and the rescue attempted a Starfleet Admiral they were trying to save is killed and one half of the team is captured.
Meanwhile Jean-Luc Picard and Benjamin Sisko go to the surface of Bajor. The planet is suffering from huge environmental shifts caused by the trouble with wormhole.  Both Picard and Sisko have no idea what is going on with their officers on the inside the wormhole.
Special Note
The next issue in this ark is issue two of this volume and is the fourth and final chapter in the arc.  The whole story arc takes place before Ro Laren betrays the Enterprise and just after the Federation sends Benjamin Sisko to DS9. These were made while the shows were still going.

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