liberty's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/The Next Generation #1 - The Wormhole Trap review

You got your Deep Space Nine in my Next Generation

A big - eating grin
No you got your Next Generation in my Deep Space Nine.  So far this has been a good story arc.  The series is half over and there is still plenty of mystery.  
The story was written while both series were going and so far there hasn't been any big mistakes.  To be honest I didn't see any that couldn't be easily explained.  There are characteristic that fit it in it's time.  Such as Ro Laren still being assigned to the Enterprise and Deanna Troi talking to Odo about her mother whom he met in the first season of Deep Space Nine.
I really enjoyed this book.  The story is solid and so are the characters at this point.  You can easily imagine this story taking place somewhere just after the first few episodes of Deep Space Nine and before the last half of the seventh season of Next Generation.
I also really love the art in this book. I have never conscientiously taken art into consideration when making these reviews because art is in the beauty of the beholder in this case however I think it is more important here.  These book represent real people who have built these roles and the artist really got the looks and manerisms down cold.  Especially with the Next Generation crew who have obviously have more depth at the time the book was written.  I point to the image of Riker above with his grinning face that you would see a few times in the show.  It is subtle but feels right.
I love the book and was glad to give it five stars.  If Star Trek is not your bag then not only do you a "twisted world perspective" but you may not like the book.  I would however recommend it to everyone.
--Give me Liberty or give me death.

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