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The Missing Cat
There are three stories in this issue set during the Deep Space Nine series.  They are  No Time Like The Present; The Nagus's New Clothes and Small Victory.  Each story is self contained.

No Time Like The Present 
No time Like The Present is the largest of the three stories.  It deal with Cardassians stealing a relic that changes time.  It also has a high radiation and between the two almost completely destroys the timeline.

The Nagus's New Clothes 
The Nagus's New Clothes is a comedic retelling of the classic story of the Emperor's New Clothes.  Grand Nagus Zek arrives on Deep Space Nine for a special ceremony only to find that that his robe has turned to dust.  The new Robe is creatively manufactured by Garak and Quark.

Small Victory  
The Small Victory is an extremely short story.  Worf helps Odo and ends up scaring a young girl's cat.  He spends the rest of the issue trying to find the runaway and return the pet to it's rightful owner.

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