aspen's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #29 - Sole Asylum, Part One review

Cardassian Court

Okay, Im gonna try my hardest not to be confusing at all but Season three of Deep Space Nine will help explain the story,

  1. The Riker on trial by Cardassia is a clone ( see "Defiant" from Deep Space Nine )
  2. He is on trial for being a part of the Maquis, [the maquis] is a rogue orginization that was part of the federation and now outlawed by the federation for defending their homes from the opposing force which is the Cardassians.
  3. Make no mistake although the fedeartion beleive the maquis to be a threat,in actuality the maquis are freedom fighters that simply defending their homes.
  4. So Thomas Riker is in no way evil.Infact Captain Benjamin Sisko did not wish to turn him over to the Cardassians but he had no choice.
  5. All Cardassian sentenses end with execution guilty or innocent [ see "Maquis part 1 & 2" from Deep Space Nine )
  6. Bottom line i highly reccomend seeing Deep Space Nine season 2 and 3.
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