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A Telepathy War tie-in! The Jem'Hadar attack on Deep Space Nine rages on as Worf takes the Defiant into battle against the orders of Captain Sisko! Meanwhile on DS9 itself, raiding parties threaten the station's crew and the runaway fugitive cadets of Omega Sqad! Can the combined forces of DS9 and the U.S.S. Enterprise-E turn the tide of battle?

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Great Battle Shots 0

Look i like this comic but i could tell it no heart.Every attempt they could throw in The Next Generation they did.The showed Picard as a Borg,Worf from the enterprise-D COUNSELOR Troi even plays a large role in this one.Not sure why shes on Deep Space Nine or how she even got there,but shes out of place constantly feeling psychic emotions.Honestly it gets annoying.A huge battle is happening and countless souls are dying but she feels a single person on the promenod.I make this sound but i actua...

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