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The Girl Who LIved 5,000 Years

Doctor Terrence Thirteen, and his fiance, Marie, are en route to visit Reed Masters, when they see Masters crash his car into a tree. With his dying breath, Masters tells his tale. Along with two other men, Masters had been summoned to Lamson Manor. The manor's custodian, Hendricks, introduced the men to Tateeka, a centuries old beauty, who awakens for one month only, every century. The men are offered Tateeka's company, for one week each, for $1,000.00.

Each man committed suicide at the end of his week, as has Masters. Thirteen pays the same sum to escort Tateeka, for her last eight days. Thirteen, too, succumbs to Tateeka's charms, falling madly in love with her. Thirteen becomes consumed with desire for Tateeka, all but spurning his fiance, Marie. Falling deeper under Tateeka's spell, Thirteen has a moment of clarity and calls upon Marie. Thirteen showers Tateeka with gems.

Marie begs Thirteen to give Tateeka up. Thirteen refuses, opting to spend eternity, with Tateeka, within her glass sarcophagus. Tateeka struggles against Thirteen, blurting out that they'll suffocate unless the air pump is activated. It is the admission Thirteen has been waiting for. Thirteen crashes out of the sarcophagus, and goes after Hendricks. Thirteen follows Hendricks upstairs, where he discovers the real custodian of Lamson Manor, bound to a chair.

The man is Tateeka's father. A hostage to force her to go along with Hendricks' scam. Tateeka used drugged gloves to compel Hendricks' victims to love her. Thirteen was tipped off to the presence of the drug, when a carnation, that Tateeka touched, quickly wilted and died. From that point on, he wore nose plugs to keep the drug from working on him, in their future encounters. Once more, Thirteen has debunked a case of the seemingly supernatural.

2. The Pirates of Fernando Isle (Captain Compass)

3. The Man Called '50-50' (Robin / written by David Vern)

4. The Ambush at Sea (Tomahawk)







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