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"The Phantom Of Paris"

Doctor Terrence Thirteen, and his fiance, Marie, are in Paris, to investigate the re-emergence of the Phantom. At an opera, one of the performers is actually killed on the stage. As the curtain comes down, the Phantom of Paris appears. Thirteen gives chase, but the Phantom disappears. Doing research, Thirteen learns that the original Phantom always appeared after a death at the opera. One night the Phantom was followed to an old tunnel, which was bricked up, forever sealing the Phantom inside.

The next night, the Phantom again appears at the opera, to herald the death of another performer. As the police investigation continues, Thirteen discovers the bricked up tunnel. It stands open once more. Thirteen takes the place of one of the opera performers. As per the performance, Thirteen slips beneath the stage, through a trap door. While the stage continues to descend, Thirteen is meant to exit through another door. That door, though, is locked.

Thirteen wedges a prop sword against the descending stage, and the locked door. The force of the descending stage, on the sword, shatters the door. Thirteen encounters the Phantom. The Phantom leaps onto a chandelier and begins cutting through it's support chain. Thirteen grasps at the Phantom, unmasking him. The Phantom is revealed to be Ferendel, the prompter, just before he falls to his death. Ferendel was incited to murder by the constant rejection he received of the operas he, himself, had written. Once more, Thirteen has debunked a supposed case of the supernatural.

2. Danger in the Hall of Trophies! (Robin / written by David Vern : reprinted in: World's Finest Comics #192)

3. Sabotage on the High Seas (Captain Compass)

4. The Magic Tomahawk (Tomahawk)







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