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"The Hermit's Ghost Dog!"

Doctor Terrence Thirteen, the Ghost-Breaker, and his companion, Marie, hear screams in the forest, while en route to a lodge. Thirteen, and Marie, discover a man, horribly slaughtered, by some wild animal. Thirteen encounters an old, blind man, Bart Harley, in the forest. Harley blames the death on his dog, Dirk. Harley wanders off, seemingly being guided by his dead guide dog. Speaking with the sheriff, Thirteen learns that three hunters, Carter Blane, Harry Acker, and Marlowe, accidentally killed Dirk, while deer hunting. Ever since, the townsfolk have witnessed Harley, wandering about at night, seemingly guided by his dead dog. Thirteen meets with Acker, and Marlowe, at their hunting lodge. A ward against ghosts has been painted on the door to the lodge.

The police question Harley, testing him to ascertain if he is really blind. Thirteen sets a bear trap on the path from Harley's home. Astonishingly, Harley avoids the trap, seemingly guided away, from the deadly obstacle, by his dead guide dog. Thirteen races to the hunting lodge, but he's too late. Marlowe has already been claimed by the ghost dog. Acker flees, but Thirteen, wearing Acker's clothes, waits for Dirk, in the lodge. Thirteen is fascinated by the eerie glow coming from the fish in the river. Thirteen is attacked by the ghost dog, barely escaping with his life. Desperate to find a rational explanation to the seemingly supernatural occurrences, Thirteen searches the surrounding forest, as well as Harley's cabin.

Thirteen notices his shoes glowing with the same eerie florescence of the fish. Thirteen confronts Acker, who is astonished to see Thirteen alive. Thirteen reveals the glowing coat Acker made for his own hunting dog. The dog that killed Blane, and was sent to kill Thirteen. Acker, Blane, and Marlowe had discovered a fortune in radioactive material, in the stream outside their hunting lodge. Acker, using Harley's threats of Dirk's vengeance from beyond the grave, murdered Blane and Marlowe, to keep the profits, from their discovery, for himself. Thirteen reveals that Harley suffers from an affliction that allows him to see at night, though he is still blind during the day. Harley's crazed mind, unable to comprehend the incongruity of his affliction, has deluded himself into believing that he is still guided, at night, by Dirk.

2. Murder on the Chessboard! (Robin / written by David Vern : reprinted in: World's Finest Comics #190)

3. The Four Lives of "Edith B" (Captain Compass)

4. The Pirates of 1000 Islands (Tomahawk)







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