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The Planet Pulverizer has reached Earth and it is up to Quasar, Beta Ray Bill and the Silver Surfer to stop it. They begin to focus their attacks on the massive rock when they are contacted by Morfex, the leader of the Cosmic Commandos. He wants Quasar turned over to him immediately. The Surfer refuses and Morfex sends the squad out to capture Quasar.
Bill and Quasar are preoccupied by the Commandos while the Surfer, who cannot be harmed by the squad, continues to try to destroy the asteroid. Morfex soon realizes that they are trying to save the planet and orders his crew to assist them and worry about Quasar later. But another Commando is ordered to relieve Morfex of command. Morfex is knocked out and thrown into space to die.
With the Commandos out of the way, they once again focus on the asteroid. The Surfer is able to use the residual energy left behind by Galactus' barrier to destroy it. But this does not stop a black hole the size of a marble that was holding the rock together. Beta Ray Bill is able to create a vortex and send the black hole far from any planet. 
Earth is now saved and Morfex and Xenith agree to join forces with the others to find who is behind the deaths of the Charter members and the threat to Earth. This is the beginning of the super team the Star Masters.

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