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ALL COLOR!!! A double bill of science fiction action, wrapped up in a Paul Gulacy cover! First, there’s Women Of W.O.S.P.- Stephanie Stills, Jessica Klein and Olga Pietrovich- the beautiful trio who make up the Women’s Outer Space Patrol, an interplanetary police body created for special investigations. On the trail of a serial rapist in their first case, they don”t realize that he’s closer than they think. This unnamedstory is written, drawn and inked by Tom (The Punisher, Mutant X) Lyle.Then- in the far-flung future, a boy is born, of an alien mother and human father. Separated from his parents at an early age, he is trained by an evil conquering space empire to be a fighting machine. Breaking away from his oppressors, yet persecuted for his genetic heritage, he stalks the spaceways known only as Breed. This untitled feature is written, drawn and inked by Paul(Superman, Avengers)Ryan.Color cover by Gulacy, full color throughout. 36 pages, standard comic book format, printed in 1984.

The first story in the comic features the all female group called "W.O.S.P.", or Women's Outer Space Patrol. They are attacked without provocation by an unknown space ship and manage to board the attacking vessel. They board the ship and an encounter ensues but to say more would reveal what little exists of the plot. There is also an additional sub-plot involving one of the women in the group.

The second story involves the character "Breed", and he is a human/alien hybrid who is a super space mercenary of sorts who enacts revenge upon some perpetrators. Recognizing potential in Breed, a character named Tynan Kilgor takes Breed under his tutelage.







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