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Star Judges appear in the 2000AD series 'The Corps' created by Garth Ennis, Colin Macneil and Paul Marshall and the Judge Dredd Megazine series - Maelstrom - created by Robbie Morrison and Colin Macneil.

While the terran superpowers fight the Klegg empire and each other in immense space battles, the STAR (Strategic Target Attack Retaliation) Judges are a united space force composed of Judges from the different Mega-Cities.

Headquarters for the Star Judges is the Justice Matrix, an enormous satellite located at the spatial centre of the colony worlds which acts as their Control. Bigger colony worlds have their own, smaller justice departments, but these are frequently riddled with corruption.

The Star Judges operate in squads of varying sizes, sometimes going undercover to better infiltrate hostile situations. They pack heavier weaponry than their Earth counterparts and their (frequently covert) strikeforce methods and merciless judgements make them feared and hated across the galaxy.

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