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See? Ballet!

Shanga hails from a race of cosmically powered people with abilities similar to the Silver Surfer. After spending hundreds of years perfecting her dancing abilities she grew bored with her life on Zhalla'Kia. Leaving her home world to travel the stars she continued to work on her space dancing. Star-Dancer traveled to many different worlds and ended up getting hopelessly lost. Unable to find her home planet she eventually made her way to Earth when she sensed her future mate.


Star-Dancer is a Marvel character and created by Tom De Falco. Her first appearance was in Marvel Two-In-One #79

Character Evolution

Shanga's need to perfect all forms of dance made Shanga leave her home planet, causing her to get lost. Having sensed her mate after arriving at Earth, she impulsively created a force-field around the town he was in with no consideration of the people she trapped. She united to her mate and travelled the universe with him.

Major Story Arcs

After travelling the universe for an unfathomable amount of time, Star-Dancer arrived at Earth, immediately sensing her mate was an inhabitant. Determining his located to be Hartsdale, Massachusetts she created a force field over the town so she could find him. This caused the townspeople to panic and blame Alicia Masters as they had seen her around town with her boyfriend Thing. Unfortunately Thing was on the other side of the forcefield and couldn't get to her, but Elton Morrow (Blue Diamond) stepped in to prevent the mob from attacking her. Thing managed to get to Alicia but soon engaged in battle with Star-Dancer, unable to defeat her due to her incredible cosmic powers. At his suggestion, Thing hurled Blue Morrow at Star-Dancer, effectively knocking her out, although Blue Diamond was suffering a heart attack from the previous strain of holding back the mob. When Star-Dancer awoke, she realized Blue Diamond was her mate and gave him a diamond that transformed his older, brittle-boned body into a stronger, diamond-encased one to ensure he could travel the universe safely. The two then set off together, happy.

During one journey Shanga was captured by The Stranger and kept in sub-space, unable to escape. Makkari of the Eternals discovers Shanga but learned that while he was capable of leaving the subspace Star-Dancer was in, she could not as it was specifically made to prevent her from leaving. When Quasar, the Stranger and their associated defeated Overmind it is assumed Star-Dancer managed to leave The Stranger's laboratory and found her mate, Blue Diamond.

Powers and Abilities

Power Cosmic

Shanga has a type of cosmic precognition, her race is extremely long lived if not immortal. A dancer her entire life she is extremely graceful and limber. Generating a force field around herself she can protect herself from most injuries. Able to travel space unaided Shanga can also create energy blasts from her hands. She also has access to the "Power Cosmic" like the Silver Surfer and possibly may have the same abilities as other former Galactus' heralds. She does have a "Stellar Matrix Sense" and has access to hyper space speeds.


Real name: Shanga'Fla-Delph'goram

Marital Status: Mated with the Blue Diamond

Known Relatives: None

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 740lbs

Eyes: White

Hair: None

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