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1. Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! Featuring Gertie the Cashier

2. How's about a wee bit of a sample?? Featuring Simple Simon

3. As man to man, we only use canned goods at our house Featuring Belly Laughs

4. Bargains in hats at the hats store Featuring Shinanigans

5. The toughest job in all the world.. Featuring Salute to a Teacher

6. The ice cream store in Slumberland is run by Doctor Pill... Featuring Little Nemo in Slumberland

7. Van Lingle Mungo Featuring Sport O Gram

8. Don't feed the bird that's in this cage.. Featuring Jingle Jingle

9. So This is Hollywood!

10. Twas on a tub called "Mickey Finn" one day we saw- Featuring Riggin Bill That Lyin' Sailor Man

11. An indian or sailor - that is the question! Featuring Polly Tix

12. Do you think the world is round? Featuring Professor McScrewey

13. Said baby Gooby to her ma... Featuring Gooby Land

14. May I please see some vacant apartments, sir? Featuring Joe McGee

15. Ball Game To-day Featuring Impy

16. Six together for me and missus - third row. Featuring Jungle-town Show Boat

17. Snap it up!! Featuring King Kole

18. Assorted nuts for sale! Featuring The Prince

19. The California condor can remain stationary in the air...

20. Rubber Plantation

21. Bobo Seltzer Featuring Jack Potts

22. Robert Louis Stevenson

23. Robin Hood and Little John

24. Odds Against Courage Featuring Dan Hastings

25. Under the frenzied handling of the mad Professor Peters... Featuring Don Marlow

26. Well, Tommy - what would you like to do?

27. This funny land that's upside down...

28. I must make a cup of tea! Featuring Ima Sphinx

29. Court of Inhuman Relations

30. Ages of Animals

31. Jungle River

32. Where are we going, moms? Featuring Bib and Tucker

33. Round Table Adventures

34. Tell Me? Mr. Wise Guy

35. Yeah, I think it's lunch time, Pop!

36. When Father Was a Boy When Mother Was a Girl

37. Forgets to Remember Featuring Pokey

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