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It's Star Brand vs....Star Brand? Don't worry, it'll all make sense by the end. In this soul searching adventure, Ken gets some much need help from the master of the Dreamscape - Nightmask.

The boy from last issue (Tad) dies after all, and Ken is wracked by bad dreams. He visits Myron, who tells him about Dr. Ballad, who does cutting-edge dream research. Ken flies down and makes an appointment.

Unknown to him, the therapy is done by the paranormal Nightmask, who psychically enters his dreams. The dream-NIghtmask meets a dream version of Tad, who is in the form of a superhero sidekick names True Believer. The dialog and drawing in the dream is all reminiscent of classic Stan Lee/John Kirby comics. True Believer sees Nightmask as another ally, along with his main hero, Star Brand, against the evil villain Dr. Foom. They tell a story involving toxic waste (the origin of Tad's disease) and a medley of other classic superhero origins. Nightmask does some research about Ken and Tad. They get into a final battle with Foom and unmask him--he is another Ken Connell! Nightmask makes both Kens and Tad confront the truth, which is that no matter how powerful Ken is, he couldn't have stopped Tad's illness.

Ken wakes up, feeling like he has gotten over his problem. Nightmask is surprised at the content of Ken's dreams but doesn't realize Ken really has powers.

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