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Ken once again feels the need to get away from his life and responsibilities and takes a motorcycle trip, leaving Duck (now out of the hospital) at home.

He gets a flat tire and ends up flying his cycle to safety, where a young boy sees him using his powers. The boy invites him home, where his dad fixes Ken's bike. Ken stays for a while to help out around the farm as a return favor. He also finds out that the boy has a terminal illness, which was likely caused by a toxic waste dump nearby.

He takes the boy for a flight around town and shows off some of his powers to take his mind off his problems. The boy loves it, but asks Ken to destroy the dump. Ken says no because of all the real-world problems associated with taking an action like that, but of course the boy doesn't understand. The boy draws a Star Brand on his hand with marker to try to ward off the disease.

The drawing doesn't help, of course, and the boy goes into a coma. Ken decides to take action after all. He blows up the dump. He tells the boy, and they bond. Ken feels like he is growing up a bit himself.

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