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Turmoil in his personal life causes Ken to take a more active role in the world using his Star Brand abilities. First up, putting a scare in Khaddafi. NOTE: At the time of the of this series, relations between the US and Lybia were strained, to say the least.

Duck shows up to wish Ken a happy birthday, and they sleep together. They drive off to visit some friends, but have to stop at his parents for a quick chore. Debbie stays in the car because his mom doesn't like her. It turns out to be a surprise party; Barb is there, and he's there for an hour and a half. Deb stays hidden in the car the whole time and seems like she doesn't mind; Ken is freaked out by her low-self-esteem.

Later he flies off to Europe to get some alone time. He meets a beach babe and sleeps with her.

When he gets home he decides to permanently deal with the terrorists who were stalking him in issue 3. He finds their house and calls the cops on them, who bust them for a weapons cache. Then, deciding to take it one step further, he goes to Libya and trashes a military base.

Upon returning home, Ken decides to make big changes in his life, and proposes to Barb. She says yes. Then he stops by to tell Duck he has to stop seeing her, but she basically says she'll kill herself if he does, so he ends up saying he'll still see her sometimes. Then he goes back to Barb's to tell her about the Star Brand, but after watching her with her kids, basically wimps out because he's so afraid of the responsibility that kids would take. His big relationship plans have quickly fallen to pieces.

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