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It's hard to keep the Star Brand a secret! A ruthless foreign dictator wants it -- and no one's going to stop him!

Ken still can't get a grip on his new super powers and continues to lean on his shrink friend Myron for help. He flies off to the moon to test his powers some more, and blows up a mountain. Then he flies off into interplanetary space for fun. He returns after realizing he wouldn't know how to find his way back if he went much farther.

On his way back he casually interferes with the Russian/Afghanistan war, destroying a couple of jets. At home, he finds Debbie the Duck waiting for him to do his laundry. He sees a message in the paper that someone has seen him with his powers. It turns out she's a spy for some terrorists and wants to learn about his powers.

He continues to see Barb and considers hitting on the babysitter. Barb also scares him by making him think about the responsibility of having to take care of her kids. Then he's off to see Debbie again. He's worried about his powers and worried about his relationships with the ladies.

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