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Stanton Carlyle wrote the book A Blasphemous Mythology: The Religion of Crime.  All the while being a member of a cult known as the Religion of Crime.  He wrote the book and went on tour to seemingly debunk the Religion of Crime but his ulterior motive was to inform the public of the believes of the Religion of Crime.  When he was done with his task he was to kill his wife Giselle Carlyle and child to blame the cult in order to prove their resistance and to gather more members.  
The Question, Renee Montoya discovers his plot and interferes as he was just about to plunge a pair of scissors in his wife's back.  At this time Flay the leader of the cult fights the Question and in the distraction Stanton's wife kills him in the exact same way he was going to kill her.  She then goes upstairs to kill her own son Anthony Carlyle.  The Question was able to prevent this death but the damage had been done.  Apparently neither Stanton or his wife knew they were members of the same cult and assigned to kill each other.

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