Stan Lee's Lawsuit Against Marvel is Dismissed

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Heatvisionblog has reported on an article by Jonathan Stemple that says the lawsuit filed on behalf of Stan Lee Media Inc against Marvel has been dismissed. 

 The $750 million lawsuit ... alleged that shareholders were harmed when Lee in 1998 transferred rights to the characters to Marvel, which is now owned by Walt Disney Co. Stan Lee Media filed for bankruptcy protection in 2001.

So a bunch of Lee Media shareholders feel they got the short end of the stick when the characters were transferred to Marvel. This trial has been going on for a decade now and US District Judge  Paul Crotty had enough of the ridiculousness.

 "It is now time to call a halt," Crotty wrote in his 14-page opinion.

Why is this so ridiculous? Why do the shareholders not deserve a single penny? The shareholders bought their shares in 1999. The character transfer took place in 1998, and then they wait almost a decade to file this claim (Jan, 2009). It's obvious why this was dismissed because there really isn't a case to discuss. Someone, who doesn't have all the facts, feels wronged, and they want a piece of the pie because of it. I don't feel as though this has anything to do with wrong-doing on Stan Lee's part though. He seems to be trying to help out. Many people believe Stan Lee can do no wrong, and I guess I'm one of those people. What do you think about this case? Should it have been dismissed, or do the shareholders deserve a cut of that $750 million?
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I don't really like Disney owning Marvel.

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@KRYPTON : There's no real reason, that I can think of, to hate the buy out. Maybe I'm just way too optimistic about it though.
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@inferiorego said:
" @KRYPTON : There's no real reason, that I can think of, to hate the buy out. Maybe I'm just way too optimistic about it though. "
you're right...there's no reason to be hating on the deal....nothing has happened yet to give anyone reason to believe that Disney is screwing up Marvel
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Those shareholders don't deserve a nickle of the deal. They bought into Stan Lee Media after he transferred the characters to Marvel, that's their stupidity for not doing any type of research, and they waited. If they brought the suit up in 99 they might have had a case. They just wanted a quick buck, that's that.

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i laughed out loud rather loudly at "ex-SUE-sior!"
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Justice is blind... and with our type of court system, it's also devilishly one-sided serving the firms not the people.

This lawsuit took a whole 15 months before it was dismissed!!!?? 
Only winners here are the lawyers in this pretty corrupt justice system. 
Lawyers knowing full-well that the case is one-sided, possibly un-winnable, making their clients believe they could win, yet just kept pushing, pushing, and pushing the dates so that they could earn and collect more money from their clients as the time goes by.  That's why I don't work in these firms no more. 
Goes to show the corruption in the US justice system.  This should've only lasted 4-5 months at best. 
Even if they lost the case, as long as they took it, they'd still get paid.
Fifteen months!?  Wow, those lawyers from Stan Lee Media made quite a $$$ from all this. 
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@spectaculous said:
" i laughed out loud rather loudly at "ex-SUE-sior!" "
I'm glad someone noticed!
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If the shareholders came along after the rights were transfered to Marvel, they have absolutely no case. It's illogical. I'd understand if, when they bought their shares, they were told the rights came along with their purchase. But that's not on Marvel, but on Lee Media.  

Seems like everyone wants a piece of the comic book industry these days.

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I never knew he was filing a lawsuit. MAN i'm late!!!!!! But yeah i don't agree with Disney owning Marvel so i can see why Stan's pissed now the marvel charecters comics are ggonna be like some daffy duck shit!!!!!

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I was gonna make that exSUEsior joke. 
I'm pretty sure this just means that me and inferiorego are awful, degenerate human beings.

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yeah, this was a dumb idea from the get go. whatever, Stan lee: $0, Share holders: $0. Lawyers: rolling in $

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