Have you been watching Stan Lee's Superhumans on History Channel?

#1 Posted by EganTheVile1 (6749 posts) - - Show Bio

Was flipping through stations and came across this a minute ago, odd I was completely unaware of this series considering how much TV I watch/how much time I spend on CV... Anyone else watching this want to fill me in on how long it's been running?

#2 Posted by Ms. Omega (4812 posts) - - Show Bio

I have been watchin it for a while not sure how long its been on though

#3 Posted by EganTheVile1 (6749 posts) - - Show Bio
@Ms. Omega:
It's pretty fun to watch isn't it?
#4 Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! (2663 posts) - - Show Bio

I recorded 3 episodes a few hours ago.

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