EXCELSIOR! Happy Birthday, Mr. Marvel!

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Have you wished Stan Lee a happy birthday? 

It is pretty amazing to think that the most famous and iconic man in comics, the heralded former publisher of Marvel comics, Stan "The Man" Lee turns 87 today. Behind him is over a half a century of an absolutely incredible franchise, and a completely changed industry where comic book characters fill more than just a comic strip in a weekly paper, and have been developed into multi faceted characters who express emotions and are not necessarily invincible. What is probably more amazing still is Stan Lee's inability to stop working. At the ripe old age of 87, Mr. Lee is still a kid at heart, attending comic book conventions throughout the country and making guest cameo appearances in virtually all of Marvel's film adaptations. His upcoming projects include a cameo appearance in ' Iron Man 2' as well as Kenneth Branagh's ' Thor.' In addition to holding a title as Marvel's Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Lee also heads a separate company, POW Entertainment and has a variety of his own projects he is presently working on through that company which include everything from live action films, to a documentary entitled "True Believer," focusing on the life and times of Stan Lee, currently in post production. 
If you ever wondered what makes Stan Lee such an influential figure in the industry, then you need only look to the
massive catalog of Marvel characters he is credited for creating. Not only did Lee create a great number of incredibly entertaining characters, but he essentially changed the face of the entire industry. In the introduction to "Marvel: Five Fabulous Decades of the World's Greatest Comics," Stan Lee sums up the influence he has had on comic book characters rather distinctly.  

Ask any Marvel fan why he favors our line of comics and he'll probably say something to this effect, "They have a certain style that I like,: Perhaps the most important element in the so-called Marvel style is the fact that we have to stress realism in every panel. I can imagine the scoffers among you leaping to their feet and exclaiming "How can he speak of realism when Marvel specializes in fantasy?" The trick is to create a fantastic premise and then envelope it with as much credibility as possible. Case in point: Spider-Man. Here's a character who can walk on walls like an insect and shoots webs that enable him to swing from building to building. Hardly an overdose of total reality, I grant you. Well, having established the parameters of the unrreal, we then do our best to to treat ol' Spidey as if he could be your next door neighbor. Despite his super powers, he still has money troubles, allergy attacks, dandruff, self-doubts and unexpected defeats. In other words, we think of him as real and try to depict him accordingly. 

Not only did Stan Lee alter the way characters are written in comic books, but he did everything in his power to promote his timeless characters, going so far as to dress up as "Uncle Stan" in a promotional stunt to encourage sales back in 1975, for example. In a sense, Stan himself is Marvel Comics, and will most likely always be associated with being the father of the great publishing company. As comic book fans, we should feel honored to have him.  I did not realize or fully fathom how really fantastic he is until I had the opportunity to meet and interview him at Comic Con. If there is any one person in the industry who has a reason to be conceited or think very highly of himself, it is Stan Lee; but he is not. Mr. Lee is one of the kindest and sweetest guys you will ever meet, and looking back on that moment, I feel honored to have met him.  So, if I had a glass to toast to you, I would, but my coffee mug will have to do. Happy Birthday, Stan Lee and may you bless us with many more years of you. 
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Happy Birthday Stan
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Happy B-day Stan

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Whoo. Happy Birthday Stan.

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Happy Birthday Stan "The Man"!!
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Happy Birthday Stan!!!!
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Woohoo, the birthday of a legend

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To "The Man!"
Cheers, Stan.

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Happy Birthday Stan the man!

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Happy Birthday, Stan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D 

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Happy birthday Stan!
Man, 87. Quite a run.

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Happy Birthday Stan!

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Happy B-Day, Stan the Man
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make mine marvel stan, happy happy
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 Happy Birthday Stan

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Happy Birthday to the man that made from Marvel what it is today.

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Happy Birthday, Stan Lee. You're the greatest =)
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Happy Birthday to Stan.  Without him comics would be pretty boring.

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Happy Birthday and I wish you many more.

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Happy Birthday Stan Lee

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Happy Birthday Mr. Lee marry me.
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 Happy Birthday Stan

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did it on twitter!

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happy bday stan
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Happy burfday stanny

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Happy Birthday, Stanley Lieber!!!!!!!

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happy b-day Stan. save me a piece of cake will you?

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Happy Birthday Stan :)


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oh shi~


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Happy birthday Stan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Stan the man! Thanks for everything!
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I need to meet Stan , Joe Simon and Gerry Robinson damn it before it's too late !! 
Anyways Happy Birthday Stan "The Man" Lee !!!
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Stan Lee can only get older, his mutant healing factor will keep him alive.....Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Stan!  
How awesome was it for you to interview him, Babs?!?  Bet you will never forget that one!
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happy birthday stan

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Happy Birthday Stan!!!
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Hppy B-Day Mr. Lee and many many more.
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happy birth day to the king of marvel comics, thank you sir

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@Rabbit Tots said:
"Happy Birthday Mr. Lee marry me. "

Me too!
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Happy Birthday Stan!

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Have a good one sir, if i were wearing a hat i would tip it to you

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Dear Stan, I wish I will be half as insane & creative as you when I am your age ;)  Seriously... Excelsior, Mr Marvel!  Keep up the good work!!

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Mr. lee......what was it like to work with Steve Ditko? jk but srsly

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Happy Birthday Stan

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Happy Birthday!!! YOU'RE AMAZING!
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happy B-day ^^

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Stan is one of the all time fiction greats, I have a couple of books from him signed that will always be 2 of the best books in my collection. God bless Stan, Now write us more comics!

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"Happy Birthday Stan Lee!"
#48 Posted by MysterioMaximus (927 posts) - - Show Bio

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OH GOSH! Happy Birthday Stan! I hope it's a blessed day... well whats left of it xP
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Happy Birthday Stan    

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