A Stan Lee Question on Dc

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Has Stan Lee ever comment on his favorite non Marvel comics books and characters?

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@the referee: 
While I don't know that he was ever quoted on DC characters, he did do his take on several DC icons back in 2001 with the Just Imagine Stan Lee's (fill in the superhero name here).  Stan teamed up with some big-name artists to produce the books.  There were twelve books in total and they've been collected into three volumes if you want to look for TPBs.
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I think he said he always wanted to create Batman, he was friends with Bob Kane and decided to get back at him by creating 4/5 of the Marvel families. 
I think Babs has a video somewhere either on ComicVine or YouTube of an interview with him.
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I remember around the Just Imagine Stan Lee sayin' something about Batman and maybe Green Lantern if memory serves me right. Both were "reimagined"in the series.
Probably what Hunter114 said, about him wanting to be the one behind those concept, nothing serious just classic Stan :P

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@the referee said:
"Has Stan Lee ever comment on his favorite non Marvel comics books and characters? "

Well I think he was friends with the guy who made Batman, or something like that.  
Anyway he wrote a bunch of "Just Imagine If Stan Lee Created...." with some DC characters.  

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and why does those covers look very lame?

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@VIZION2010 said:
"and why does those covers look very lame? "

Honestly I don't think the content is much better... IDK... Sorry Stan man!
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@the_referee: I do lobo was the character he said but now who knows concidering that new character design

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He once said that his favorite DC character was Lobo.

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