A Petition for Stan Lee to Host SNL

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 A rare moment where Stan's caught off-guard.

What’s the latest of Stan Lee’s amazing endeavors? A bid to guest host Saturday Night Live! Stan might not be personally going after the show, but a Facebook petition's already assembled more than 800 fans (as of writing) under this mission statement...

Stan Lee has been known to make many scene stealing cameos, appearing in both movies & TV shows, yet there is one show & one cameo he has yet to tackle, Saturday Night Live. Imagine Stan “The Man” Lee appearing on SNL, think of the possibilities.

A FB petition might not have worked for Donald Glover's Spider-Man campaign, but it did work to get Betty White hosting SNL (as Splash Page points out) so this might not be as far out of the realm of possibility as you might think at first.  I do know that if I close my eyes, I can easily picture Stan doing a monologue and showing up in a half-dozen skits. I suppose the only thing for him to do after this is guest-star in a My Chemical Romance music video.

To set the proper context, I’ve included all the screenshots of Stan’s cameos that the Facebook page is providing. Look at these and you’ll see appearances he's made in all the Marvel movies, as well as MALLRATS, THE BIG BANG THEORY, THE SIMPSONS and even his new super-anime, HERO MAN... == TEASER ==

Keep in mind, this isn’t even a comprehensive selection! There are still some cameos that’ve been left unaccounted for. Stan might not have gotten the Oscar for best cameo actor, but he needs to get some Guiness Book award for most energetic octogenarian or something.  The man’s two years shy of his 90 birthday and he’s doing more than things with more energy and enthusiasm than men who’re a quarter ( let alone a half or a third) of his age.

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first for the 2ND TIME!!!!!
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This should definitely happen.

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This is definitely an awesome idea!!! I hated the idea of Stan Lee as Odin, but I definitely think it'll be awesome to see Stan host SNL.
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I'm already on it !!! :D  
Stan's best perfomance was in Mallrats. The man needs more screen time damn it not just little winks.
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Signing... NOW!
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No! Not SNL! If he is gonna appear in anything it should be a DC Movie now that would be a cameo to remeber!

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I love Stan Lee. I think I'll cry the day he dies

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that would be sweet. 

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Does he want to do it?

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I dug the Grant Morrison/My Chemical Romance bit more over yet another "Let's stroke Stan's ego" story.

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I would love to see that

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I'm actually surprised he hasn't appeared on SNL before, I mean, law of averages would pretty much mean a man of his age and fame would have appeared there at least once, right!?

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I doubt he would not want to do it given his proclivity for face time before the camera.  Then again I can't speak for the man, but something tells me he'd love to do it.   
Wouldn't it be great if he did?  I don't care for SNL but I would watch it if he hosted or otherwise appeared!   
I know way way back in the day there was a skit featuring Ant-Man and The Incredible Hulk and some other superheroes at a party.  (Wish I could find that skit, maybe someone else has a pic or link? )    If they did a parody of superheroes once, they could do it again, given the current popularity of the superhero movies.   Having Stan Lee on the show would be reason enough to do them!
Think of the possibilites for all the parodies SNL could do regarding superhero characters.   I doubt this would come to fruition but one can hope.  
EDIT:  Never mind, that  SNL video is on the Facebook page itself via a link to HULU.  If you've not seen it, check it out.
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Yeah I'd watch it. The Betty White episode was pretty good. Sign me up.

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Don't forget his cameo on Spectacular Spider-Man
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Stan Lee doesn't have the acting chops to host the entire show, sorry to say. He should limit himself to cameos, it's more effective. Whenever the next superhero movie is released that he's associated with in some way, have that movie star host SNL. Then, do a comic skit and Stan Lee can make an unannounced cameo. That would be the way to do it.

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I like the cameo's he makes in his comics just as much as I like the movie cameos. 
The issue when The-One-Above-All appeared in the form of Stan Lee was awesome!
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If he does more than a cameo it will be a complete train wreck.

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@ArtisticNeedham:  well he forgot even more than that one.

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I take issue with that picture on the article. Stan's spider sense clearly would have warned him if a cameraman was approaching. And then he would have whipped out Mjonir and gone Thor on his @ss.

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SNL sucks. I wouldn't want to punish Stan. 

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@RE_Player said:
"SNL sucks. I wouldn't want to punish Stan.  "

Agreed. SNL is not worthy of Stan Lee imho.
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They put betty white on there no way they put stan on there!
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I hate these petitions to have people host snl.  If they really wanted to host it then they would be on it.  People go on their to promote something and Stan doesn't really have anything worth promoting.  

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@manofsteel42 said:
" No! Not SNL! If he is gonna appear in anything it should be a DC Movie now that would be a cameo to remeber! "
he already said he would be in Batman if Nolan asked him, Lee said he was a big fan of Batman
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Heck yeah I'm signing! 
Nevermind,I don't have facebook.
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@G-Man said:

"Does he want to do it? "

Right? What if he doesnt want to do it? This petition would be worthless.  
He also had a cameo in Heroes as a bus driver. 
And also had a part in the superhero squad show. 

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Bring it on! cant wait. 

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I don't watch SNL, but I certainly would watch it if Stan Lee was hosting

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Even though I do not watch SNL, if Stan "The Man" Lee hosted, I'd watch it and record it to watch many, many times over. Excelsior!

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As much as I love Stan, he is not really an actor...

wait, Shaq hosted that one time, never mind.
@G-Man said:


" Does he want to do it? "

same question. while alot of people would assume anyone in their right mind would want to,
many famous people have turned down hosting the show on the basis that they weren't into
doing that sort of thing. Marylin Manson had that going on for years over people wanting him
to star as Willy Wonka and believing that he wanted to as well because he showed interest
in the books, when in reality he wanted nothing to do with acting at all.
@Tom Pinchuk:
no mention Marvel Team-Up #74, where Stan was the host of Saturday Night Live, staring alongside the  SNL Not Ready For Prime Time Players?
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I would love to see stan with the cow bell.

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I'll start a petition for Stan Lee to get beaten to death with a crowbar

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It's pretty epic to see all of these cameos next to each other XD

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Wow, Stan would make an otherwise dull show much funnier! 

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@Aquamariner said:
" I'll start a petition for Stan Lee to get beaten to death with a crowbar "
I exploded into laughter when I read this. XD
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Oh, Hell Yeah! I haven't watched SNL in years, but I will definitely catch this episode if he does indeed end up hosting!

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Stan's The Man.
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Stan lee will be the ultimate host

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no way it would be the worst snl ever have him stick to comic cameos

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He looks just like my dad, i love Stan Lee, which is saying alot becuase im not a huge Marvel fan

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