Why doesn't she have her own series?

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I don't buy Marvel comics (The marvel rack at the shop has like 300 series just for one storyline, yeesh) so I just pick up the individual comics that feature my favorite characters.
in this case, I bought the Fear Itself new avengers starring her, and I gotta say...that was more interesting than the usual stories.  She needs her own series, and it would be the first Marvel series I actually started buying since the Onslaught saga.
The only thing is...if they gave her her own series, I'd hope they kept it at the quality of that new avengers issue (she looks absolutely breathtaking as drawn by that artist), and the dialogue is great and insightful.  I love her as a valid character like she recently became, rather than just a one-trick joke of a pony like she used to be.

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I would definitely buy her ongoing series. Ms Doreen Green is pretty much a very interesting character.


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