Star Squirrel Sapphire Girl

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While looking at Mr. Natchios' thread on a CBR forum, I came up with this thought. Though, 
I assumed his thread was a Star Sapphire vs Squirrel one before posting this one.

Anyway, what happens if SG saw her beloved Speedball in danger, while
in exciting adventure w/ him, and displayed great love towards Robbie
(Speedball) while saving his life as best as she could?

What happens if a violet ring shows up to the young heroine and
decides she puts it on her finger so she can become a Star Sapphire
rescue her love?

After she did so, would Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl)
keep the ring and be a part of the Star Sapphires?

How would Robbie react towards this Star Squirrel Sapphire Girl?

How would Carol Ferris react towards, not only meeting this
newest S. Sapphire, but will be assigned Doreen's mentor/instructor
on earth (and vice versa w/ Squirrel Girl reaction towards Carol)?

Finally, what sort of Star S. outfit would Doreen wear?    

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