Off my mind: Should Squirrel Girl get her own series?

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I have never been one for comedic charcters in comic is amusing when heavy hitters do something now and then because it's the opposite that you'd expect from them (unless it's anyone from the Deadpool Corps, Plastic Man or Impossible Man). And of the those mentioned Deadpool and company are the only ones I pay attention too because they make kicking ass and making jokes look dementedly good. 
However I've been hearing a lot around the Vine about this Squirrel Girl (I had heard about her before and the Great Lake Avengers/Champions but never really gave them much thought), anyway I decided to just for the heck of it check her out and I have to say floored is by far an understatement.  

Without insulting any Squirrel Girl fans if you get past the idiotic powers and theme (sorry just can't help it), the chick is a far on record she's beaten  Doctor Doom, Mandarin, Giganto, M.O.D.O.K., Thanos, Terrax, Bug-Eyed Voice, Bi-Beast, Deadpool and Pluto (she beat a GOD!!). 

That is a HEAVYWEIGHT resume that many of the greats in Marvel do not have! So I started thinking why doesn't this chick have her own series? Or better yet get put on a more credible team like the Avengers or X-Men?  
She's the type of character that doesn't have to go through the art deforming process like Marvel Superhero Squad in order to reach fans of all ages...I think Marvel has a character with untapped possibilities that no one is using, what do you think?
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Put her on the Avengers.

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@KingLoki said:
" Put her on the Avengers. "
She is. On the New Avengers as Luke Cage's baby-nanny.
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Hm, didn't know that. I assume she doesn't go on missions, then?
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I think they should giver he one of those somewhat child based comics that are still pretty entertaining.

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Yes. She should get her own series without a doubt.

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Why do you call every thread you make "Off My Mind"?  That's the name of G-Man's Articles.  Immitation may be the greatest form of flattery, but for every thread?! 
Anyway, Squirrel Girl can't carry a whole series.  Probably not even a mini series.  But she'd be fun for the occasional one-shot.
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Only if Dan Slott writes it, and she should get her own team, like Charlie's Angels except of course Squirrel Girl's Fuzzy Bad Ass Nut Cracking Avengers, and you see you have all the fuzzy and furry cool Marvel characters in it, like Beast for the intellectualism and the cheesecake, Hepzibah because she is an alien and she doesn't know how to use a phone, Mystique pretending to be Nightcrawler and Jean Grey, because thats drama deep about a women pretending to be her own dead son at the same time as pretending to be a scared sorry sacred red headed cow, and Silver Claw and well you get the picture, oh and Mr Tippy Toe of course to, and maybe a revived vampiric Monkey Joe? Uh-oh do I smell a Squirrel fight? Oh and unlike Charlie she should actually appear in the book, should probably point that out as well, plus Charlie had a whole perverted voyeur thing going on, I would advise not translating that over but then again, we would need sales and I hear from uh a friend that those Furry's have a lot of bling and money to throw around, so considering them as a part of the target audience could only mean good things. Maybe in light of that get a cheesecakey artist like Frank Cho to do the art. 

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She should. She is an awesome character.

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I feel it would be something like peanuts. It will be bittersweet but mainly heartwarming. She stays Squirrel Girl and she never goes under disguise so there will be few jokes of that. There will be a bitter episode of her past of being made fun of in school when her powers started developing.

The first arc is she starts out trying to be a sidekick but it did not work out. After several episode failures she just decides to help the cops. Next season she becomes a member of the Great Lakes Avengers. The season after that are her babysitting adventures.

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