Is she going to replace Deadpool?

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I mean, Deadpool's popularity just SKYROCKETED after non-comic readers were exposed to him in X-Men Legends 2. But he seems to be a little overused now, but Squirrel Girl's popularity is only continuing to rise, and she fills the same kind of role "unbeatable solo hero who is also comical". Anyone think the focus may shift to her after a while instead of him for wacky Marvel hijinks?

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hmmm i don't really see Squirrel girl becoming the internet meme Deadpool became....which i think is for the best.

But she could become the poster girl for as you put it "Marvel Hijinks" =p i wouldn't mind reading Squirrel Girl Team-up

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Squirrel Girl doesn't need a team up, from what I've heard. I hear she beat up Thanos and Doctor Doom, and I saw her beat up Deadpool.

#4 Posted by Pacperson (299 posts) - - Show Bio

@LordHuntingrathII: lol true

Maybe just a Squirrel Girl ongoing then =p

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I dont see her replacing Deadpool, there are some very hard core fans that would not trade. Plus some people like to be sexist so that would probably contibute alot (no im not sexest but im just saying)

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I don't know. But I like Deadpool better. Squirrel Girl is just the entity of WIS.

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Doctor Doom - "Failure is beneath DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!"
Squirrel Girl deserves to join X-Force, whereupon, in the first mission, she is impaled horribly and dies.
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Who could challenge her? Who could she fight? Franklin Richards might, or The One Above All.
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Well, now that she's got such close ties to the real Avengers, I see a bright future for her. She could very likely become a top Avenger, or at the very least, show them all up like how she whooped Wolverine after Wolverine whooped Iron Fist, lol.

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i kinda hope so, then we could get the real Wade back instead of the joke he has become

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Never, her popularity is nothing compared to Deadpool's. He's been in movies, video games, and even on TV, and she hasn't. She's known to comic book fans and that's the limit of her popularity.

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But for how long? She's about to appear in a videogame, which is how Deadpool's popularity skyrocketed.

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@Degalon: Ooooo, which one???

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Unfortunately it's just a Super Hero Super Squad game, which while I hate that series, I'm getting that single game just to have the first game Squirrel Girl has appeared in. I don't think it's quite mainstream enough to skyrocket her like XML2 did for deadpool, but it shoudl help, at any rate. Plus love that it's the version of her as drawn in the newest New Avengers comics.

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@Degalon: Im takin it that Squirell Girl is your favorite hero???

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I don't think so. I've actually seen quite a bit of malice for squirrel girl, and I don't recall deadpool getting very much at all in his time before people called him over-exposed.

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No. Reason on the fact for how long she's been around, had the same amount of initial exposure as he did before blowing up huge, and she never garnered the
kind of attention he has since. She has about as much of a chance at becoming anything more than a memetic badass as Aunt May does.

#18 Posted by Billy Batson (58595 posts) - - Show Bio

Deadpool is a meme?

#19 Posted by Degalon (748 posts) - - Show Bio


Yes. For the moment, anyways. She was kinda cool before, but I love her with the way she's been portrayed lately.

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Except that Aunt May isn't the deus ex machina answer to auto-win against any superstrong villain.

Squirrel Girl's already kind of a meme in how she just gets called up to beat anything and everything the other heroes can't beat.

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I don't see it happening anytime soon.

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I think DP and SG should go on a date. When I say date, I mean they should team up for a while. DP would teach her the fun ways to live life while SG would teach DP the virtues of heroism. It would boost sg's popularity.

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Replacing...Deadpool...Squirrel Girl.

She isn't half of the personality,awesomeness and badass as Deadpool,she deserves being kicked of the New Avengers and then die the most painful way possible.

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nope would never happen the game she is in is for children

Deadpool game is for a larger market , as soon as kids grow up a little the idea of liking Squirrel Girl would be long gone

and mainstream media isn't about to give someone named Squirrel Girl the exposure Deapool is getting

she might stay strong in small circles on the internet but not the media

she defeats people in weird ways and mostly not seen but talked about in the comics

Deadpool character has been in a couple of movies(mostly animated) a more likable character has his current videogame and possible own movie coming out

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I am stringing the editor in chief on fire if that happens.

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Maybe, I've pre ordered Marvel Lego game for my little sister, I am pretty sure a cute female hero who throws squirrels will be more popular then any other charecter, it's just a guess, but I imagine by this time next year she may well have a lego minifig on a key chain a Disney princess doll and a cartoon series on nickelodeon, it doesn't matter what we call cannon, Disney will want to appeal Marvel charecters to as large an audience as possible with as much merchandise as possible. Dead pool has his audience but it could never be as big as the girls aged 7-14 market lol... Best buy shares in stuffed squirrel toys ASAP ;)

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Princess Squirrel Girl we may need to work on the name but that would be interesting step for her.

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