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Percy Sheldrake & Cyril Sheldrake

Before Percy Shelldrake became

The Knight

, he was the sidekick of the hero known as the

Shining Knight

. He was only 20 years of age when his mother was killed in the bombing raid in London and his father was captured during the Dunkirk Evacuation. The Shining Knight failed to save Percy's parents, so he took Percy as his Squire. Percy received enchanted armor from the Shining Knight. This armor would protect him from swords and projectiles. He taught Percy, so that one day Percy would be a knight. Percy fought alongside the Shining Knight for the rest of WWII. He was also on a team of younger superheroes known as the Young Allies. They fought in Europe until their differences pulled them apart. Percy eventually gained enough skill to advance in his rank to become The Knight. He took his son, Cyril, as his squire.

Percy's son, who also received the magic armor his father once wore, was his father's Squire until his death. Since his father had made his armor resemble


and a traditional

Knight of the Round Table

, Squire was often compared with


. The two were called the "Batman and Robin of Europe". Occasionally, Batman and Robin teamed up with the Knight and Squire to fight Neo-Nazis. Eventually, when Cyril's father was killed by his arch nemesis,

Springheeled Jack

, Cyril became the new Knight.

Beryl Hutchinson

Beryl Hutchinson

Beryl grew up on the streets. She has said that her family never had any money, but they were knowledge seekers. She was taken in by Cyril and became the new Squire. She aided the

International Ultramarine Corps

, which Cyril was a member of, in saving Micro-Earth. Although she does not have the magic armor that her predecessors had, she has the ability to interpret information by touch.

Death of Cyril Sheldrake

After Cyril Sheldrake was murdered by Leviathan, Beryl decided to take his place as England's hero Knight. She teams up with Dark Ranger wanting to avenge her predecessor's death.

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