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Story continued from Squadron Supreme (1985 1st Series) #12. In the tragic aftermath of the super-hero war (see Squadron Supreme (1985 1st Series) #1-12) the team attempts to pick up the pieces and move on. New relationships have developed and a powerful new threat looms on the horizon. An unbelievable menace from beyond the stars will destroy the Earth in twelve hours and the only thing standing in its way is the Squadron Supreme!

Back Blurb

The Earth has but twelve hours to live. Twelve hours before a menace from beyond the solar system consumes it and its four billion inhabitants. Earth's only hope is the band of self-appointed superhuman champions who once called themselves the Squadron Supreme.

Hyperion, the strongest man on Earth!

Power Princess, the genetically engineered woman warrior!

Dr. Spectrum, master of the alien power prism!

The Whizzer, the fastest man in the world!

Arcanna, mistress of the mystic arts!

Redstone, the invulnerable mountain of muscle!

Lady Lark, winged singer of hypersonic songs!

The Shape, a man with a body of pliant putty!

Haywire, spinner of psychoplasmic string!

Inertia, manipulator of a fundamental force!

But will the sum total of humanity's superhuman power be great enough to repulse the planet's extra-dimensional executioner? Join Earth's hard-pressed heroes in their ultimate challenge... a desperate race against the cosmic clock with the fate of the world hanging in the balance! Join... the Squadron Supreme!

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