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Is this the dawn of a new superhuman era...and if so, who will be the next to emerge? Four astronauts have returned from the moon…changed. And ULTIMATE NICK FURY, EMIL BURBANK, and ARCANNA JONES have found them. Fury’s hip-deep in a new conspiracy—but the only kind of conspiracy he likes is one he creates… So what’s he going to do now that new super heroes are appearing all around America, taking the place of the missing SQUADRON SUPREME? And who is…the BIO-GENERAL?

Once there was a team of super-heroes - a Squadron Supreme - but the greatest of the heroes vanished without a trace, leaving a beaten and damaged world behind them. Five years have passed.

Arcanna jones was one of the heroes who stayed behind. Now she uses her powers to control quantum probabilities for profit...until she is contacted by disgraced spy Nick Fury and hero-turned-criminal-genius Emil Burbank.

They tell her that since the Icarus One (the first lunar mission in decades) returned to Earth, all attempts to interview the crew have been stonewalled. Fury senses a cover-up and with the help of Burbank and Jones, breaks into Edwards Air Force Base, discovering the missing crew - Jon and Cathy Mora, Ted Munn, and peter Boyer - in suspended animation...and fantastically changed.

Meanwhile...Nebraska teenager Nell Ruggles gains spider-like powers and kills a classmate while protecting a unknown man wraped in tattered flags stops a terrorist attack in Washington D.C. ...

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