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While mankind struggles to rebuild, new heroes appear--and Nick Fury, left behind after the hit ULTIMATE POWER limited series, learns the shocking secrets of four astronauts who returned to Earth...changed.

They were gods walking the Earth… powerful but flawed, they dreamed of remaking the world in their image. After their apocalyptic battle with Redstone, and after their terrifying fight with the Ultimate Universe, that dream has become a nightmare. While mankind struggles to rebuild, new heroes appear—and Nick Fury, left behind after the hit ULTIMATE POWER limited series, learns the shocking secrets of four astronauts who returned to Earth…changed. Join comics legend HOWARD CHAYKIN and newcomer MARCO TURINI to ask the question—whatever happened to the Squadron Supreme?

In the 1970s, a baby crashed-landed in an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Raised by the United States government and taking the name Hyperion, Mark Milton was the world's first superhuman. Around him grew a team of men and women whose powers rivaled his own - the Squadron Supreme.

Among that team were Zarda, an invulnerable beauty who believed she and Milton were literally gods; Dr. Spectrum, a soldier given fantastic powers from a shard of alien crystal; Nighthawk, who possessed no powers but used his wealth to battle injustice; Blur, a super-speedster who became a walking product endorsement; Emil Burbank, a genius of incalculable intelligence; and Arcanna Jones, a physicist who could manipulate quantum probabilities.

Months after forming, the team fought a superhuman serial killer named Michael Redstone. The results of that battle are spoken of in hushed whispers, if they are spoken of at all...but soon after, America was devastated by organisms from another universe: a life-form that emitted a radiation lethal to Hyperion. The Squadron tracked the organism to its source, and brought the man they believed responsible, teenaged scientist Reed Richards, back to their world. But Richards had powerful friends: Nick Fury and his team of super heroes, the Ultimates, who invaded the Squadron's devastated world.

It was all-out superhuman war. Eventually, the Squadron learned the truth: the organism was created by Emil Burbank, as a weapon to kill Hyperion - and the machinations of Nick Fury served as a cover story. Taking Fury and Burbank into custody, the Squadron allowed the Ultimates to return home - but Zarda left with them, to ensure that such a breach never happened again.

It is now five years later, and the balance of power has shifted considerably.

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